CSR Policy

CSR Policy

Some examples to illustrate our point

1 – Environmental Initiatives

Minimising consumption through oversight.

Reduction of the use of raw materials and promotion of environmentally friendly design through “material optimisation”.

Raising awareness on the importance of reducing waste through ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) initiatives

Waste separation and labeling of materials in all facilities.

Encouraging carpooling and working on a non-stop schedule.

2 – Social Initiatives

Awareness training on workplace safety, first aid, fire and electrical hazards.

Providing optimal working conditions, by using 2X6 shifts, rather than 2X8 shifts – as the latter are too tiring when performing repetitive tasks – as well as training and job flexibility for some tasks.

There is no union and no desire to create one. There is genuine and clear dialogue during meetings with employee representatives.

No child labor.

We welcome diversity, employing people from Cameroon, Mali, and other nations.

We have a strong commitment to human rights, no discrimination or harassment, and we have implemented measures to combat this type of behavior.

3 – Ethics Initiatives

Establishment of an anti-corruption charter.

Respect for commerce and competition.

4 – Procurement

We practice short-range procurement in our choice of suppliers: for example, our cardboard manufacturer is located 45 minutes from the factory and our thermoforming supplier is in the same town.

We have integrated many professional roles related to the environment

Our unifying principle: “constantly striving for excellence, we support you with passion in all your packaging projects”.